Christmas gift ideas – satellite GPS tracker communicator

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Christmas gift ideas – satellite GPS communicator

In this article, we will be exploring unique Christmas gift ideas for that special person or for yourself :-).

Christmas Gift Ideas Australia style – GPS communicators

A satellite GPS communicator can send SMS messages and E-mail to mobile phones, e-mail addresses and social media.   Some satellite communicators have an SOS button you can press to contact the local emergency rescue services (in Australia these buttons will often connect to the nation’s 000 emergency service number).  

You can view a full range of communicators here

Christmas gift ideas send SMS and E-mail in no mobile service areas

Australia is a beautiful, huge country.  Australians love to explore and travel. Many of them venture in the outback hiking, driving and trail-bike riding.

Those who want to “disappear” in nature can do so easily in Australia during the weekend or holidays.  Australia is one of those countries where you can drive for 30 minutes from most capital cities and find yourself immersed in beautiful pristine natural surroundings.

The best Christmas gifts are those that are useful and that last for a long time.

The perfect Christmas gift ideas for men who are active 

There is no greater gift for anyone than the gift of safety and peace of mind.  Are you looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas that will also remind your love of you for many years to come?  A satellite GPS communicator is a perfect gift.

From as little as $239 and a very low annual subscription, your loved ones will be able to notify you via SMS or E-mail that all is well.  The message will also carry their GPS coordinates so you can see where they are and follow them on their journey online.  

The perfect Christmas Gift for active people who get in trouble

Christmas gift ideas - GPS Communicator

If they are in a spot of bother they can also ask for help and tell you exactly where they are via GPS coordinates.  

The gift of life when serious trouble strikes

Another feature found in most GPS communicators is the SOS button.  Your loved one can press this button during a life-threatening event.  Pressing the SOS button will send a message to a centre which monitors emergency calls 24/7.   The rescue team will also have the exact coordinates of the victim so they can go directly to the location.

Christmas Gift Ideas Women travelling alone

Australian women are adventurous and many of them are equally attracted to the outdoors and active lifestyle such as hiking, and trekking and exploring. Overseas travel is also a favourite activity for many young Aussie women.  Some of them will often venture out in remote areas and most of them do so safely and without any incidents.   There are added obvious risks for young women travelling abroad even when they are part of a group.  

A satellite communicator will give the parents and friends peace of mind that if an emergency arises the young woman will be able to quickly activate an SOS and get help fast.    

So many lives would have been saved if every traveller had a GPS communicator.  The perfect Christmas gift ideas for girls who travel abroad should definitely include a safety device, and there is no greater safety device than a GPS communicator because it is a dynamic tool that helps people get help when they need it most.

Another perfect gift is the Thuraya SatSleeve+   

The Thuraya SatSleeve+ is an adaptor that will allow your loved ones to make satellite calls with their smartphones.  This is ideal for women who travel abroad.  If your significant other is often travelling through no-mobile-service areas there is no more perfect Christmas gift you can give them.

Read more about the Thuraya SatSleeve+.

Presents for Christmas for Gray Nomads

If your parents are retiring and planning an adventure travelling about in a motor home or caravan, a satellite communicator and GPS tracker can be the perfect Chrissie gift for them.   There are places in Australia were running out of fuel or breaking down can become a life-threatening experience, a GPS communicator can be a life-line during those times.   You will also be able to follow your parents’ journey online or on your smartphone app.

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