Gorilla Glass for the Thuraya XT-PRO

Posted on September 10, 2015 by admsatThuraya XT-Pro Australia

Thuraya XT-PRO the first satellite phone with Gorilla ® Glass on board.

Thuraya Dubai went the extra mile with this excellent sat phone.  One of the outstanding features on board the XT-PRO is the Gorilla ® Glass protecting the display.

The Corning company started experimenting with strengthening glass using chemical compositions in 1960.  The obviously succeeded at creating a superior, tougher glass. The new toughened glass found many industrial uses as well as sporting one: being installed in sports cars and other similar vehicles.  Ever since Corning has built a phenomenal reputation as when it comes to the toughness of their screens.  Many of the worlds’ best known brands now rely on Gorilla ® Glass to protect their display.  One of the major company to use the Gorilla ® Glass Screen Protector was Apple.  Apple asked for a thin tough glass and Corning delivered.  The iPhone excellent screen was born.

How the Thuraya XT-PRO Gorilla ® Glass screen is made

The toughening process takes place during a bath of molten alkaline potassium salt.  An ion exchange takes place and the result is a glass so tough that it can withstand so much more punishment than normal glass, or even toughened glass. Another aspect of the company is its rigorous demand on quality.  A stringent quality control process takes place throughout the manufacturing process.

It makes perfect sense that Thuraya would choose a high quality screen for their first Super Sat Phone.  The Thuraya XT-PRO is built tough, tougher than most other phones on the market.  The XT-PRO is rated to   I am certain that the adopting of Gorilla ® Glass has contributed to that high standard.

Most assuredly it cost more to fit the Thuraya XT-PRO with the tougher and superior quality screen.  This has not reflected on the cost of the sat phone, but it has certainly gone a long way to establish the Thuraya XT-PRO as one of the most desirable satellite phone on the market today.

If you are interested in learning more watch some of the videos on the Gorilla ® Glass site.

Gorilla Glass for the Thuraya XT-PRO


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Gorilla Glass for Thuraya XT-PRO 

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