inReach Explorer Australia

inReach Explorer Australia

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inReach Explorer Australia

The “big brother” of the inReach SE, the inReach Explorer packs even more features and amazing functionalities in such a compact and lightweight unit.  The cost savings between a satellite phone and a satellite communicator are significant.  

Do you really need a satellite phone?  Could you be better off with an inReach Explorer?

It is our experience that many customers that are talked into buying an expensive satellite phone and expensive satellite phone plans would have been much better off with an inexpensive satellite communicator such as the DeLorme inReach.

The inReach Explorer the most advanced satellite communicator in the world

inReach reviews worldwide are acclaiming the Explorer as the perfect satellite communicator.  Take a look at why customers love this product.

The inReach explorer does not make or receive satellite phone calls–but it comes very close providing the 2-way satellite communications most people are likely to ever need.   There are also many more useful features that are usually only found in satellite phone handsets costing thousands.

  • Tough, Injection-molded housing, water and dust resistant (IP67) and shock resistant (Mil-STD-810G.)
  • Lightweight and compact weighs only 190 grams with 2 Lithium AA batteries.  Size dimensions: 149 mm including antenna; 62 mm W and 26 mm.
  • Wonderful bright liquid crystal displays easily readable under different light conditions

inReach Explorer Screen

inReach DeLorme is renowned for its quality displays 

  • Connected to the Iridium Satellite Network.  Iridium satellite coverage is global and even covers the two poles.  
  • Efficient battery life.  Two lithium AA batteries will power the unit for up to 125 hours (under normal operating conditions, with direct access to a satellite and transmitting one tracking point every 10 minutes).  The battery life will be greatly affected by the operating conditions.  You can also use nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries (up to 72 hours use) and standard alkaline batteries (up to 32 hours battery life).
  • Send/Receive text messages (160 characters) to and from mobile phones and e-mail addresses.  The message can include your GPS location.  You can also use the service to post to Facebook, Twitter and any other social media that accepts text messages.

How to send text messages with the DeLorme inReach Explorer — is so easy!

  • A dedicated easy to use SOS button sends an emergency alert to the GEOS emergency service.  It will also help you communicate with the rescuers via text messages to and from search and rescue agency.  GEOS is an organisation that monitors emergency distress calls worldwide.  It is available 24/7 internationally. Visit their page for more information.

The inReach Explorer can save lives.  It is ideal for trekkers and mountain climbers

  • Use it as a GPS navigator, you can set way-points, see your location and use it to navigate safely. The menu for the GPS features is smart and intuitive and easy to use.  GPS accuracy to +/- 5 meters.
  • Another useful feature found in both DeLorme inReach models is the ability to set it to record your GPS location automatically at regular intervals.  You can set the intervals from 10 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours.  In addition to the GPS location, the Explorer will also record speed and altitude.
  • Has a sophisticated digital compass with a barometric altimeter (measures altitude) and an accelerometer (tells you … and your mother) how fast you are going.
  • The inReach Explorer has many additional features not found in its little brother the inReach SE.  These are …
    • You can use it to plan a trip online and even set up way-points in advance.  You also have the option to share this information with travelling companions and loved ones who can view it online.
    • Obtain details that are useful during planning and while travelling such as distance covered, speed, altitude and so much more.
    • Plan your route online ahead of time, including waypoints, and share it with family and friends to follow along and watch your progress.

Compare the features of the inREach Explorer and the inReach SE 

Compare the inReach Explorer with inReachSE

  • Pair it with your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Android tablets to unlock the full power of faster typing, larger display, and use a dedicated app for both iOS and Android.
    • The free DeLorme’s Earthmate app unlocks the power on the inReach Explorer and puts you at the command control of a sophisticated yet so easy to use satellite communication, tracking and navigation system.  Use BlueTooth to pair the Explorer with your smart device, install the app on the smart device and download unlimited topographic maps.
    • Use the dedicated Web portal for even more exciting applications, as well as authorising your loved ones to follow your journey online. 
  • Sync with your smart device address book in an instant (saves you hours of tedious keying in of phone numbers)

What’s in the box of the DeLorme InReach Explorer?

How to Use inReach Explorer

Setting up the inReach Explorer and how to send an SOS message

DeLorme inReach Explorer Sale Prices Year-Round 

We aim to offer you the cheapest inReach Explorer in Australia and the best data plans possible.  Why not give us a quick call or use the Big Red Button to get a quotation before you buy elsewhere?  When you buy from us you will also get helpful advice and prompt service.  Thousands of happy customers are proof!

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