inReach SE satellite communicator Australia

inReach SE Satellite Communicator

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inReach SE Satellite Communicator in Australia

What is the difference between a satellite phone and the inReach SE satellite communicator?

A satellite phone can make and receive phone calls using the satellite communication network.  Satellite phones are needed because a large part of the world is not covered by standard mobile phone coverage. 

Satellite phones and satellite phone data plans can be expensive and call costs are high.  A satellite communicator is the best solution for those people who do not need to make satellite phone calls.  

These are people who simply want to be able to communicate with their loved ones, receive information such as weather reports etc, and be able to send text messages and post on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  

A Satellite communicator can also function as a GPS Satellite Tracking Device (such as the inReach SE and the Spot Connect)  but it cannot be used to make or receive satellite phone calls.

Inreach Review

The Delorme’s inReach SE is a satellite communicator with a difference.  It is a sophisticated satellite communicator with added features such as GPS navigation, and able to send GPS coordinates embedded in text messages.  

It also has a dedicated SOS button onboard which when activated will alert GEOS  a Global Emergency Monitoring Service. 

Take a look at some of the functions of this powerful satellite communicator

Features of the Delorme inReach SE and inReach Webmail

  • Strong and durable body, dust and water-resistant, capable of operating in harsh conditions and climates.
  • Powerful lithium battery rated to last up to 100 hours in tracking mode (10 minutes intervals in direct line of view of a satellite)
  • Send and receive (with audible alerts) text messages 160-characters from anywhere in the world where you can see the sky.  If your standard mobile phone is in a no service area, you can use the satellite communicator to send and receive text messages, post to social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


How to use the inReach SE to send text and E-mail


  • Use the SOS dedicated button to send a distress alert to GEOS, an international emergency monitoring centre that operates 24/7.
  • Switch on the tracking option to allow friends and loved ones to monitor your movements live.
  • Beautiful bright colour screen with a simulated keyboard and predictive text.
  • LED satellite availability indicators
  • Can be paired with a smartphone or device. When paired with a smartphone you can use additional enhanced features such as sending messages from the Earthmate app. You can download the Earthmate map for iOS devices and the Earthmate map for Android devices


How to pair the inReach SE with an iPhone



How to pair the inReach SE with an Android Samsung Galaxy



How to use the inReach to share a location



Comparison chart between the inReach SE and the inReach Explorer

There are two models of the DeLorme inReach satellite communicators.  This chart shows you the added features found in the Explorer.  This will help you make an informed decision about which unit suits your needs best.


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