Iridium Go! Satellite Hotspot Australia

Iridium Go! Australia Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

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The Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hot Spot in Australia!

If you can see the sky, you can fire up the Iridium Go! and create a safe and secure wireless hot spot.   How cool is that?

And what a great idea this is.  Imagine being able to create a satellite WiFi hot spot anywhere in the world!  Really!  

We congratulate Iridium in out-thinking the competition and coming out with a brilliant idea first.  So while satellite competitors are busy reinventing satellite phones, Iridium pops up the Iridium Go! and this little guy allows you to use YOUR mobile phone and tablet!

On this page, we will offer our Iridium Go Review presenting the benefits and the weaknesses of this great product.  

All satellite communication equipment has strengths and weaknesses, but when you are well informed you can easily purchase the right kind of equipment for your specific needs.

This is what Safecity’s Satellite Phones Australia division is very good at doing–that is providing the right information.

Iridium Go! small and compact and easy to carry

Iridium Go Australia is a device that can create a satellite wi-fi hotspot easily and cheaply. No extra baggage to carry, and no extra batteries to charge.  Not only … but you can also serve four more devices (one at a time).  How popular are you going to be?  

The beauty about the Iridium Go! is that, if you are a member of a club that travels and treks in remote areas, you can also share the cost of the unit and the connection. 

The Go! Satellite WiFi Hot Spot is really a cool satellite communication device. 

Naturally, as always, we are now working with our partners and suppliers of air time to make sure we get you the best Iridium Go plans.  🙂

The Iridium Go! How it works and why you need one 🙂

Features of the Iridium Go! Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Iridium was one of the first satellite communications providers to come up with the brilliant idea of creating a satellite hotspot using wi-fi.  

Thuraya and Inmarsat have also developed satellite hub devices.  However, Iridium is still the only satellite service provider that can offer global coverage.  Here are some of the other features you will find …

  • Tough and reliable.  The Go! is built to Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F) and Ingress Protection (IP65).  This means that it’s really, really difficult to break 🙂 even in careless hands.  The Go! is rated as rain and dust resistant (this does not mean you can immerse it in water) and can also survive rough handling and transportation: for example carrying it in your backpack or vehicle, aircraft, yacht etc.
  • Compact.  Iridium has packed a lot of technology into a very small space.
    • The Go! weighs only 305 grams battery included.
    • Dimensions: 82 x 120 x 33 mm
  • Long battery life.  The powerful 3600 mAh battery can provide up to 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 15.5 hours of standby service.  The battery recharge time is 4 hours.
  • Connect multiple users.  The Go! allows you to connect up to 5 separate smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android phones and tablets etc.).  A minor disadvantage is that only one device can use the satellite service at a time.  However, this is understandable considering that the unit has to send and receive satellite data from space, and the satellite signal strength is very weak.  
  • Comes with a universal AC Travel charger, USB charging cable, DC Car Adapter, Protective cover and user manual.
  • Packed with features:  Voice calls, 2-way SMS, GPS tracking, SOS Alert, Email access, Weather forecasts
  • Free apps for smartphones and tablets. Turn iPhone into satellite phone and Samsung Galaxy too all with one box.  There are two apps, one for pairing and controlling the unit.  The other app is to access mail services.
  • Receive an Australian mobile number.  Buy your Go! from us and we will set you up with an Australian mobile number you can use while roaming in satellite mode.  To learn more about how important this is to you and your callers, please visit the dedicated site.  

    You can view the map coverage of the Iridium Go! Australian number coverage.  Provided you are within the region detailed by the map, your callers will pay local Australian mobile rates instead of the monster premium, international satellite rate (up to $25 a minute and even more).

  • Data speed sufficient for E-mail and small graphics.  The data speed is the only “disadvantage” we can find.  Satellite data speeds are about 2.4 to 2.8 Kbps which is comparable to the speed offered by the first dial-up modems that appeared when the Internet was born.

    However, it is important to realise that the Go! is intended to be the perfect companion for a light user.  It is a quality budget unit that provides amazing services at very low prices.  

    If you need broadband internet speed we can suggest the best option for your specific needs and location of use.  Use the Red Button below to contact us.

How to set up and use the Iridium Go!

There are a few useful sites that show you how to use the Iridium Go!  However, we think that watching a video tutorial is still the best way (and for some is the only way) to learn how to use it 🙂

Iridium Go Price

We have the reputation for offering the best satellite phone plans and best prices–we strive to do so for all our customers, so please contact us before you buy the Iridium Go! somewhere else.  Hit the Red Button and ask us for a quote, please tell us where you intend to use the device and what you expect it to do for you.

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