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IsatPhone 2 satellite phone for Australia

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IsatPhone 2 Australia Powered by Inmarsat

Take the magnificent IsatPhone Pro Australia, toughen it, improve it, enhance the voice quality and you have the IsatPhone 2.  Power the IsatPhone 2 with the rock-solid, secure Inmarsat satellite service and you have the perfect sat phone for serious fieldwork.  Take a look at the features and enhancements that the IsatPhone 2 has to offer to satellite communication users in Australia.

IsatPhone 2 review features and functionalities

Inmarsat commands respect in the satellite communication industry.  Many governments, military, law enforcement and major corporations rely on Inmarsat for their reliable, rock-solid and secure satellite communication services.   

The IsatPhone 2 improved and enhanced features

  • Strong and durable handset.  Inmarsat has greatly toughened the IsatPhone 2.  It will work in extreme temperatures and in up to 95% humidity environments. The phone is rated as dust, splash and shock resistant to (IP65, IK04) standards.  These standards refer to the ability of an electronic instrument to resist dust, water, humidity and damage from impact.  You can read more about IP65 and IK04 standards .
    • Dimensions: Length: 169mm 
    • Width: 52mm without antenna, 75mm with 
    • Deepest Depth: 36mm
      Weight with battery: 318g 
  • Fast network acquisition. Inmarsat claims that the IsatPhone 2 will acquire a network in record speeds (45 seconds).  Naturally, this speed will vary depending on the conditions and the terrain, but in pristine conditions, the IsatPhone 2 is certainly one of the fastest satellite phones in the world when it comes to logging on the network.  
    • The fast network acquisition will certainly help conserve battery life. Sat phones consume the most power while searching for a network and during sat phone calls.  
  • Superb battery life.  
    • The Isatphone 2 Lithium-ion, 3.7 volts battery is rated to last up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours on standby.  Once again these battery times are greatly affected by the type of use, weather conditions and location. 
  • Large, bright scratch-resistant display specially designed to offer great visibility under all different lighting conditions including sunlight glare.
  • Stable and reliable connectivity.  
    • Just like Thuraya, Inmarsat uses geostationary satellites which remain in the same location (they are actually moving at the same speed as the earth).  Geo-static satellite telecommunication is renowned for stability and voice quality.  
    • The Inmarsat I-4 satellite network enjoys a phenomenal reputation for stability and reliability–it is the choice of many Governments, military and law enforcement bodies all around the world.
    • Inmarsat’s coverage map is almost worldwide with the exception of the polar regions.

 IsatPhone 2 satellite coverage by Inmarsat

Download a larger more detailed satellite coverage map for the IsatPhone 2

  • GPS onboard.  The IsatPhone 2 offers GPS tracking with the ability to send SMS messages with GPS coordinates.  This is now a feature found in most modern satellite phones.
  • SOS button.  A one-click button that will send a distress alert together with your GPS location to the GEOS or other relevant emergency services (a subscription may be necessary for this service).  Use the Big Red Button to contact us for more details about this important feature.
  • You can also use the GPS to find and record your location.  This useful feature is standard with this phone.  Take a look at how easy it is to obtain a GPS fix with this sat phone.

  • Useful inbuilt applications seldom found in satellite phones such as eCompass which helps you with pointing the phone for optimum antenna positioning, programmable alarm, timer, muting of the microphone, a loudspeaker for speakerphone sessions and BlueTooth support for headsets etc.
  • Synchronisation with contacts, quickly import all your contacts and phone numbers–otherwise a very tedious and time-consuming task prone to errors.  This application works with most Windows operating systems including Windows 8.
  • Dedicated onboard applications for voice calls, text, SMS and e-mail.  Inmarsat has enhanced and simplified the way satellite phone users can use the sat phone for voice calls and also quickly send and receive webmail, SMS and text.
    • All the features you normally find in mobile smartphones such as Speedial 1 for voicemail, call history, Caller ID, Call waiting, Call divert, Call holding, Conferencing, Call barring, Speed dialling, Fixed number dialling
    • Text-to-text: 160 characters, predictive text
    • Text-to-email
    • Web message-to-IsatPhone 2: Free from

Watch how easy it is to send messages and text with the IsatPhone 2.

  • Supports eight languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Generous accessories and supporting documentation.  Iridium is legendary for the huge range of accessories it provides with all their satellite phones.  It looks like Inmarsat is starting to catch up 🙂  This is what you get in the IsatPhone 2 box:  


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