Spot Gen3 Australia

Spot Gen3 Australia

Posted on August 9, 2015 by admsat


Spot Gen3 Australia GPS Tracking Device

Thanks to the Pivotel Spot Gen3 (sometimes referred to as the Findmespot Gen 3 which is the same thing) we can now all enjoy the benefits of carrying a GPS Tracking Device.

Before the arrival of the Spot Gen 3 GPS tracking was expensive and involved the carrying of a personal locator beacon that had limited functions and that locked users into expensive long term contracts.

Compared to the Spot 3, the personal locator beacon and even some of the more recent GPS tracking devices are antiquated and dumb instruments.

Features of the Spot Gen 3 Australia.

In this Spot Gen3 review, we want you to become intimately familiar with all the features and the information about this unit.  If this is boring to you 🙂 just watch the videos as they contain everything you need to know.

The first feature you notice about the Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger is how compact and light it is.  

  • Rugged body rated dust resistant, water-resistant to  IPX7  (you can learn more about the IPX7 rating)
  • Dimensions are : 87 x 65 x 25 mm
  • Loaded with lithium batteries it weighs only 114 grams
  • It can operate between -30c and 60c
  • Humidity resistant to MIL-STD-810F (roughly 85 to 100%)
  • It can withstand vibrations to SAE J1455
  • Operating altitudes are up to 6,500 m
  • The Spot 3 has a self-testing feature when you power it on it will test its functionality and GPS signal.  LEDs will flash to alert you if the test has failed.
  • Near world coverage.  This includes all of Australia and the entire Pacific region.  See the full map.

Spot Gen3 Power options and battery Life

The life of the battery depends on how you use it, and the environment in which you use it.

The manufacturers of the Spot 3 Tracker (Findmespot) has included smart battery saving programming that helps overcome usual human error; for example, leaving any satellite device on while inside a building will flatten the battery in hours.

  • Inbuilt technology and auto-switching features help extend battery life.  Findmestop claim that Spot 3 delivers twice the battery life of a previous model.  
  • The Spot Gen3 will automatically power off after one hour of inactivity.  
  • Sends up to 1250 messages before requiring new batteries.
    • 4 AAA Lithium Ultimate 8X
    • 4 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries NiMH
  • USB 5v cable for a permanent fixed location, for example, when used in a vehicle or motorcycle, or when using power packs.
  •  It is important to realise that using the USB cable to power the unit will allow water and dust to enter the unit.  
  • Unless you can protect the tracker from the elements we suggest you only use the internal battery option.

Tracking options of the Pivotel Spot Gen3

This is where the Spot Gen3 puts personal locator beacons to shame.  Despite being the cheapest personal tracker on the market the Spot GPS messenger is packed with smart satellite technology features.

  • Spot will only send tracking information while you are moving.  This feature saves battery life and also helps prevent erroneous data being sent to the satellite.
  • It resets itself
  • Enhanced tracking upgrades are available online.  
  • Tracking methods
    • Set the Spot Gen3 to the rate of tracking of your choice: 60, 30, 10 minutes.  In this setting Spot 3 will send tracking information to the satellite at the intervals you selected.
    • You can upgrade your service plan (it is very inexpensive to upgrade to the following plans…)
      • The Unlimited tracking plan: This will cause the Spot Gen3 to send tracking information every 5 minutes
      • The Extreme tracking plan: This will increase the tracking data upload rate to 2.5 minutes 

Emergency SOS and messaging features of the Pivotel Spot Gen3 messenger

The best way to describe these is to show you 🙂  Take a look.   Warning: This video may disturb people who have no sense of humour.   If this is you please click here first. 

Spot Tracking Device Australia information

GEOS extends internationally (which includes Australia).  In fact, I note that a LOT of rescue calls DO originate from Australia and New Zealand. 

Visit the GEOS site and take a look at the special projects they have initiated.  They are very good.

What comes with the Pivotel Spot Gen3?

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