Thuraya SatSleeve+ Australia

Thuraya SatSleeve+ Australia

Posted on December 5, 2015 by admsat


Thuraya SatSleeve+ make satellite calls with your smartphone

Thuraya SatSleeve+ has raised the standards of making satellite phone calls with smartphones to even a higher level than the previously awesome Thuraya SatSleeve.

Over the years I have observed that Thuraya Telecommunication company is an attentive listener.  They listen to customers and to their dealers and then go to work to produce satellite communication solutions that customers want.   

Thuraya SatSleeve+ new features at a glance

Thuraya Dubai is renowned for being attentive listeners to their customers.  The new Thuraya SatSleeve+ is a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement.

In this review, we will focus on the significant features.  If you want to learn more you can do so by reading our dedicated post.

Thuraya has removed the need to have “smartphone adaptors”

One of the inconveniences of the previous Thuraya SatSleeve was the fact that customers had to buy special adaptors depending on what type of phone they used.  So customers with the iPhone 4 needed to buy an adaptor and so did customers with some models of the Samsung Galaxy. 

The new Thuraya SatSleeve+ does away with the need for adaptors.  The clever new design allows customers to slip on their phones in an instant without the need to buy smartphone satellite adaptors. Good job Thuraya Dubai!

The two models: The SatSleeve+ and the SatSleeve Hotspot

Thuraya SatSleeve+ Australia

The SatSleeve+ also integrates and interchanges beautifully with Thuraya’s second wonderful product:  The Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot. (you can read more about the Hotspot.

Want to know the difference between the “Plus” and the “Hotspot” models?  Watch this interesting video we prepared for you. 

SatSleeve+ Specs further information

We have created a specifications page which covers both SatSleeve models since they are really the same thing with different adaptors.

Order the Thuraya SatSleeve+ from us for value-added features.

The new flexible design allowing different brands of smartphones to work with the SatSleeve+ makes it highly desirable and we know that it will prove to be even more popular than its worthy predecessor the Thuraya SatSleeve.  You can read about the earlier Thuraya Satellite Sleeve at

When you purchase a satellite phone from us we will arrange for you to obtain an Australian mobile phone number–read more about the benefits.  This number comes at no extra cost to you because it is part of your satellite plan subscription–and we have some very attractive ones for our customers.  

Use the button to ask questions about the SatSleeve+ or to obtain a Thuraya Satellite phone price list.  Remember that we also have a large range of Satellite Phones for Sale, go to to see the full range.

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