Thuraya XT Australia

Thuraya XT Australia

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Thuraya XT one of the best satellite phones for Australia 

When Thuraya created the Thuraya XT they must have had Australian bushwalkers, four-wheel drivers and explorers in mind.

So what makes the Thuraya XT the best satellite phone for Australia?

The Thuraya XT is dust-resistant, water-resistant and shock-resistant

If you have driven (or better still ridden) across this big beautiful continent you will be “intimately” familiar with its sticky red dust and all the places it can get into.

Computer technicians tell me that what makes Australian dust particularly dangerous is that once it gets in into your car, bike electronics, computers and phones it has the potential of shortening circuits and causing immense damage.  

The Thuraya XT is to this date the only satellite phone in the world that meets the IP54/IK03 standard.  

To simplify the jargon. IP and IK are international standards set up to measure the resistance against dust, water and shock.  

IP54 relates to dust and water resistance and the IK03 standard relates to shock.  If you are into that kind of thing you can read more about it here.

Take a look at how good the Thuraya XT is at resisting dust, water and nasty treatment. Please note do not try this kind of test at home as it will void your warranty.

The Thuraya Satellite Network is particularly well suited for Australia

The second reason why I think that the XT is one of the best phones for Australia is the Thuraya Satellite Network.

Thuraya uses two Geostationary (that means they stay over the same point of the earth all the time).  

The two satellites, cover about 70% of the world and all of Australia, see the map below.  

Thuraya XT Coverage Map

View a more detailed Thuraya coverage map

There are fewer risks of losing your satellite connection during a call–once you are connected you stay connected unless of course, you move indoors or away from the line of sight to the satellite.  

In short, if you can see the Australian sky you will be able to use your Thuraya XT in most parts of Australia.  Use the Big Red Button to know more.

This is not so with orbiting satellites (those that move very fast across the sky). These satellites will often cause call dropouts which is not the kind of thing you want in the middle of an emergency.

Thuraya XT Features

Thuraya has packed so many safety features and functionalities into this amazing compact satellite phone.  In this Thuraya XT review, we are going to list the major features that our customers are likely to find interesting and useful.

  • Small, compact and lightweight.  The XT is one of the world’s most compact and lightweight, multi-featured satellite phone.  
    • It weighs just 193 grams 
    • Dimensions: 128mm (H) x 53mm (W) x 26.5mm (D)
  • Tough and reliable under almost any condition
    • The only satellite phone in the world (at the time of release) to meet the stringent IP54/IK03 standard  (splash and dust resistant and shock resistant)
    • The body of the Thuraya XT is made of special tough polycarbonates compounds. The internal components are shielded and protected by an aluminium frame, and the contact points are insulated using rubber seals to help prevent water splash damage and dust. 
  • Beautiful bright screen.  Thuraya is renowned for the high-quality displays they provide on all their satellite phones.  
    The ability to see the display under difficult lighting conditions, glare and at night is of particular importance to our military and law enforcement customers.

    • The Thuraya XT has a special 5 cm TFT (thin-film-transistor) display with 262,000 colours and 176×220 pixels
    • There is a special brightness sensor that regulates the brightness of the display to provide the best possible viewing under different lighting conditions.  
      In low light conditions, the brightness sensor will reduce the brightness of the screen, and increase it under bright light or sunlight.  This feature also helps conserve the battery.
    • The screen is also specially designed to reduce glare and features high contrast font and background graphics which help visibility, especially in high glare environments.
    • The menu of the Thuraya XT is available in the following languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Urdu.
  • Powerful battery provides hours of reliable satellite communication
    • The Thuraya XT has a powerful 2520 MAh Lithium Polymer battery rated to deliver up to 6 hours talk-time and up to 80 hours standby time.  
    • It is important to realise that these times are based on normal use (when the satellite phone is in direct line of sight of a satellite and operating at normal temperatures).  
      The battery time can vary dramatically if the conditions change.  For example, if you were to leave the phone switched on while inside a building, the standby time could reduce to 10-12 hours.   This is because the sat phone would continuously attempt to establish a connection.  You can expect the same issue with standard mobile phones switched on in a no service area. 
      So if you are intending to use your Thuraya XT under harsh conditions and in freezing conditions lower your expectancy of battery life to about 4 hours talk time and 60 hours standby time. These are only approximate times, you will need to test the phone under similar conditions to arrive at a more correct battery life expectancy. 
  • The omnidirectional antenna gives the Thuraya XT walk and talk capabilities. Some satellite phone antennas can be highly directional and cause call dropouts or no service access if the user is not pointing the antenna towards the satellite.  The Thuraya XT antenna is optimised to provide uninterrupted signal while you are moving–this is know in the satellite industry as  “walk and talk”. 
  • Powerful HPA (High Penetration Alert) All Thuraya satellite phones have this great feature that alerts you of an incoming satellite call even when you are indoors or when the Thuraya XT is in a vehicle, your pocket or backpack.  To take the call after hearing or seeing the HPA alert you must move the satellite phone to a location where it has an unobstructed line of sight to the satellite.
  • The Thuraya XT can be used to make and receive voice calls 🙂 and also to send and receive SMS and Email.  It can even send faxes!
    • The data speed in Data/Fax (a circuit-switched data) is 9.6 kbit/s when downloading and 9.6 kbit/s when uploading.
    • Data speed for SMS and Email is an incredible 60 kbps.  This makes the Thuraya XT one of the fastest satellite phone data speeds in Australia.
    • Sending and receiving E-mail is a pleasure with the Thuraya XT because of the inbuilt special advanced messaging service provided.
  • Browse the web in satellite mode
    • The Thuraya XT does not have a web browser (with the tiny screen you would not want one anyway).  
      But you can enjoy Internet-on-the-go by establishing a GmPRS connection with your laptop.  This is particularly useful if you need to use your computer for basic tasks while in remote locations.
      A GmPRS connection quite simply enables you to use your PC to send and receive email and browse the web using the Thuraya Satellite Service.
    • While in GmPRS mode you enjoy up to 60 kbps download speed and up to 15 kbps upload.
  • GPS functions.  GPS tracking is a powerful safety feature and one that will deliver peace of mind to many parents and loved ones–as well as being a valuable tool for business.
  • The Thuraya XT offers GPS waypoint navigation.  You can also send regular GPS fixes to a remote PC or Smartphone.  The tracking can only be initiated by you so no one can track your movements unless you include them in your send list.

How to set up and use the Thuraya XT GPS functions.  

The best way to learn how to use the Thuraya XT GPS tracking features is to show you — take a look.


  • Organiser, calendar, world time clock with alarm functions, it also includes an optional special prayer time alert.
  • Emergency functions.  This life-saving feature enables you to prepare a predetermined SMS message which will be sent together with a GPS fix of your location.  You are also able to create a short cut speed dial function to dial an emergency number of your choice.  The XT does not have a dedicated SOS button.  If you need a dedicated SOS button you may want to wait for the Thuraya XT Pro.  
  • Includes an AC travel charger, rechargeable Li-ion battery, earset, USB data cable, Instructional CD, quick start guide and a user manual.  You can also download the user manual for the Thuraya XT
  • Australian mobile number for your Thuraya XT.  When you buy the XT from us we will set you up with an Australian mobile number which you can use while in satellite mode.  Having an Australian mobile number opens up new features and savings to your callers that are not possible when you use a standard international long tail satellite number.  Read more about this.

Thuraya XT Australian mobile number

Thuraya XT Pricing

Are you looking for the best price for the Thuraya XT or the best satellite data plan in Australia?  Before you decide where to buy call us on 0263355216 or use the Big Red Button to ask us for a quick quote–you could be saving a lot of money and also getting a better, more flexible data plan for your needs.   You can also ask us for a quotation for the Thuraya XT-Lite or any other Thuraya Phone Price. 

buy Thuraya XT 

This Thuraya satellite phones page updated on the 11 August 2019.

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