Thuraya XT-Lite Australia

Thuraya XT-Lite Satellite Phone Australia

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Thuraya XT-Lite Cheapest Satellite Phone in Australia

Thuraya Dubai has done it again, now the cheapest satellite phone in Australia can also be the best satellite phone in Australia!

The XT-Lite the junior member of the Thuraya XT family

Mention the name Thuraya XT Phone to the best satellite phone dealers in Australia and you will get an emphatic nod of approval.  Thuraya is a creative, innovative and courageous satellite telecommunication provider and manufacturer.

Right from day one, Thuraya proved that satellite phones did not need to be boring and dull with horrible dim screens that you could hardly see at night and with the cosmetic appeal of an old brick.  

When I looked at the bright, coloured screen and the modern features of my first Thuraya phone demo I knew that these guys were winners and that they were destined for great things.  The Thuraya XT dynasty has proved me right.

Thuraya XT-Lite Australia
The Thuraya XT-Lite Satellite Phone in Australia

Thuraya XT-Lite an affordable solution for the budget-minded consumer

When the Australian Government canned the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme the entire industry shuddered with horror.  The Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme had made it possible for thousands of people living in outback Australia to own a satellite phone.  The scheme was absolutely wonderful and the people administering it were helpful, friendly and efficient.  As predicted, when the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme was murdered, business in the satellite phone industry plummeted and thousands of customers were disappointed. 

Thuraya comes to the rescue with the Thuraya XT-Lite

The arrival of the Thuraya XT-Lite was therefore greatly welcomed by both dealers and customers alike–for two reasons:

  1. The Thuraya brand name guaranteed that the cheaper satellite phone would still retain the phenomenal quality of Thuraya.  So the cheapest satellite phone could still be a high-quality satellite phone.
  2. Thuraya also introduced some of the best satellite phone plans in Australia to back the Thuraya XT-Lite.  After all, buying the cheapest satellite phone means nothing if you are still paying high satellite data prices.

Thuraya XT-Lite good looking, tough and reliable satellite phone

As you can see from this video I got really excited about the arrival of the Thuraya XT Lite :-).  Please do watch the video to the end because the second part (the one after the banging and thunder) shows you some of the great features of the XT Lite at work and why you should be buying one from us 🙂

Features of the Thuraya XT Lite satellite phone

  • Affordable and reliable satellite phone
  • Beautiful, bright, glare-resistant colour screen (typical of Thuraya satellite phones). The high contrast menu is easy to see even in direct sunlight.  
  • Easy to use, intuitive and intelligent one tap menus to all the functions of the phone.
  • Long-lasting 2680mAh battery gives you up to 6 hours talk time and up to 80 hours in standby mode.
  • Make and receive phone calls in satellite mode (you’d expect that 🙂
  • Send and receive SMS messages in satellite mode. You can also SMS to email.
  • GPS Navigation.  This feature even lets you send messages which carry your GPS coordinates.

Thuraya XT-Lite Coverage Map

View a larger detailed Thuraya Coverage Map

  • Organiser with alarm, scheduling, calculator and stopwatch.
  • Compact size.  Just like his big brothers the Thuraya XT and the Thuraya XT Pro, the Thuraya XT-Lite is compact and lightweight–a big plus for a satellite phone with so many features and functions.  The phone weighs 185 grams including the battery.  The dimensions are 128 x 53 x 27 mm.
  • Comes with an AC Travel charger, USB cable used during firmware upgrading, and user manual (you can download a user manual for the Thuraya XT-Lite)
  • Australian Mobile Number.  Buy the Thuraya XT-Lite from us and use an Australian mobile number instead of the horrible long-tail standard satellite number.  To find you how important it is for you to have an Australian mobile number read more.

Australian number for Thuraya XT-Lite


Thuraya XT Lite Pricing

Are you looking for the cheapest Thuraya XT-Lite or for general Thuraya XT Pricing?  Use the Big Red Button to send us a quick message before buying elsewhere.  We will do our best to offer you the best Thuraya Phone Price in Australia 🙂

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