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Satellite phone buy online in Australia

There are many advantages to buying your satellite phone online from Safecity Satellite Phones.  The financial advantage of purchasing online is only one of the benefits you get when buying online.

Satellite phone buy online in Australia – customers’ needs

As a specialist online satellite phone dealer in Australia, we have the privilege of serving customers from a large variety of backgrounds.   This has enriched our product knowledge immensely.  

After 16 years of offering satellite phones for sale and promoting the top brands in satellite phones, GPS personal trackers and satellite communicators to customers from all different parts of Australia, we know what works best for all different industries.  

Our expertise is not based on “statistics’ (which are often tweaked by manufacturers to benefits their products).  Our expertise is based on the real use of satellite communication products by real customers.

Satellite phone buy online in Australia – Government

For example, a major Government department recently asked our opinion about a particular regional strategic application they were funding and wanted to know which was the best satellite phone for Australia in that particular region.

We were able to provide them with the exact information they needed because of our experience with supplying satellite communication systems to other regional Governments engaged in similar activities.  

We knew what worked best and what did not work at all.  Our customer saved time and money and implemented a system that proved to be cost-effective and superbly efficient for their project.

Satellite phone buy online in Australia – Industry

Several of our customers are multinational corporations with operational branches worldwide and Australia wide.  By purchasing all their satellite telecommunication online from Safecity Satellite Phones, these multinational clients are able to resupply, support and regulate their satellite communication needs from one stable central location.

If a satellite phone needs repair or maintenance they can send it to one location rather than having to rely on multiple dealers.

Satellite phone buy online in Australia – Better support

The same benefits to buying online from Safecity applies to support issues. Customers with operational branches Australia wide all use one point of contact for support.  One phone number and one online expert support service, instead of a multitude of numbers that may or may not have the right answers for a specific Satellite Telephone or satellite service.

A recent example is when a mining company that had purchased an Iridium Satellite Phone from a competitor contacted us asking about a solution for specific use for the satellite phone.  

After 16 years of selling satellite phones online, we have attracted the attention of hundreds of quality accessories manufacturers.  

Because of this large database of suppliers we were able to quickly solve the mining company’s problem by suggesting a special recharging system for remote areas.  The customer’s problem was resolved and costs were kept at a minimum.

Are you looking for an Iridium Sat Phone Price or for a satellite fixed base station, or for high-speed satellite data solution?

satellite phone buy online updated on 22 July 2019.  

satellite phone buy online 


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