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Cheapest Satellite Phones Specials

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Very often we get questions such as “which is the cheapest satellite phone?”. With only a handful of manufacturers producing satellite phones, there is very little competition.

It is also true that the technology involved in making satellite calls is complex and expensive. ¬†For both these reasons it is unlikely we will ever see “cheap satellite phone” or “cheap satellite equipment” in general.

The good news is that recently, and mostly thanks to Thuraya Satellite, the price of satellite phones have come down a little, and the features and functionality of satellite phones has gone up dramatically.  So we are now noticing affordable satellite phones appearing on the market, and some of the best sat phone plans ever released.

In the United States the ATT Satellite Phone and the Verizon Satellite Phone Service providers have offered best satellite phones for sale.  

In Australia, Pivotel and Globalstar have received some of the best Satellite Phones and Plans Reviews for both value and flexibility.

The best quality satellite phone can also be the cheapest satellite phone.

The Thuraya XT-Lite is probably the cheapest satellite phone in Australia right now.
The XT-Lite is a high-quality, low-cost, affordable satellite phone.
We can also offer you some of the cheapest and best satellite plans
available in Australia 
including the use of an Australian mobile number. 


Safecity Satellite Phones Specials

So if you have been looking for high quality but cheap satellite phones for sale¬†in Australia or for the best satellite plan, you are on the right page. ¬†ūüôā

From time to time we will offer satellite phones for sale that are demonstrator units or refurbished satellite phones and equipment.  We may also offer special satellite plan packages and special deals.

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IMPORTANT:  Each special announced on this page must be confirmed in writing by us before it may be deemed to be an official offer.  

Please understand that special offers may lapse at any time due to market volatility, and the constant and unpredictable changes in the currency exchange value.  Additionally, some of our offers are that good that they get snapped up quickly.  

It is a condition of your using this page that you must ask for confirmation in writing before assuming that an offer is still available. We do not guarantee that offers appearing on this page are valid. However, we do endeavor to update the page on a regular basis.

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