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Which is the best Satellite Phone?

Our answer to this question often surprises new customers, so this short article will be useful to all our visitors.  Whether you are shopping for a satellite phone that you intend to use in Australia, or whether you are intending to roam the world, you will benefit from reading this page.

The short answer to the question “Which is the best satellite phone?” is “The one that will do what you need it to do”.

Reading “Best Satellite Phones Reviews” will not help you because the majority of satellite phone reviews are written by people with vested interests in the sale of the phone or satellite phone plan.  

A better approach is to contact colleagues who have similar communication needs to yours and ask their opinion.  You will be surprised how cooperative people can be if you ask nicely, even if they are working for competitors.

Every satellite phone can be the best satellite phone 

Let’s start by stating that all the satellite phones we offer are reliable, high quality satellite communication instruments manufactured to the highest possible standards.  

The satellite communication industry is an exclusive niche industry open only to a few well known manufacturers and satellite phone service providers.  These are the well established Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and the more recent genius upstart manufacturer Thuraya.   

Additionally we can safely rely on the fact that “cheap satellite phones knockoffs” will never be an issue because, even if one was made it would not be possible to connect it to a network.

So from a “quality” point of view, every satellite phone has the potential of being the best satellite phone.  Each brand brings features, options and cosmetic advantages of their own, but the actual quality of workmanship will always be comparably the same.

Additionally, satellite phone sales in Australia are governed and monitored by strict quality control Government regulators.

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How to determine which is the best satellite phone for your needs

We are, OBVIOUSLY, not going to give away all our secrets 🙂 but there are some fundamental issues that every prospective satellite phone owner should know BEFORE they purchase a satellite phone or sign a contract for a satellite phone plan.  

We often receive calls from disappointed customers who were misled into buying a certain satellite phone or signing a contract for the “best satellite phone plans” and later discovered that both the data plan and the best sat phone were not performing as expected.

In many cases we are able to help customers switch over to a better plan, but if the customer has signed a long term satellite plan contract, then it is almost impossible to help them.

Use the Safecity formula for selecting the best satellite phone and the best satellite plan.

Our formula is H + W + W + W = The best satellite satellite phone and the best satellite plan

How much?

How much are you willing to invest on your sat phone handset, and how much can you safely afford on a satellite plan.  This is a critical issue that can land many unaware customers into a lot of trouble.  

Remember, buying your sat phone handset constitutes only a minor portion of your overall costs as a satellite phone or communication user–the cost of data will be the significant part.  

There are a multitude of satellite data plans available and each of these is designed to best serve a certain type of customer. There are also prepaid satellite phone plans which are perfect for the irregular user.

Most ethical dealers will do the right thing by their customers and only offer the best possible satellite plan.  Others may be forced to offer only certain plans because they are tied up by exclusivity contracts with one of the sat phone manufacturers or satellite phone service providers.

So, before even considering which brand to buy or which satellite data provider to use, establish your budget.

This advice is valuable to both individual customers, businesses, major corporations, law enforcement, military and Government bodies.  We have assisted many large corporations and Government bodies with reducing the overall costs.  

We have found that Government bodies and major corporations are often paying far too much for their data usage and are locked into satellite plans that are inefficient and wasteful.  

We have helped many of these clients restructure their data plans and save up to 50% of costs.  We often participate in web based conferences with such clients, and many are surprised to realise how much they can save in costs both in hardware and satellite data usage.

Who are you?

Are you a commuter frequently passing through areas with no mobile coverage? Are you an explorer?  Are you a tradesmen? Are you a journalist or TV Reporter? Are you a mining company, Government body, Law enforcement, or Military organisation?

Each of you has specific needs that can only be matched by a specific satellite phone or satellite phone equipment, and a specific satellite data provider. Choose the wrong phone or the wrong data provider and your operation will be compromised–it is that simple.

Few new customers realise that not all satellite phones do the same thing and not all satellite communication networks are equal in performance.

The average commuter does not have the same needs as a mining engineer may have, and the best satellite phone for a TV reporter can be a nightmare handset for a police officer or soldier.

Why do you need a satellite phone?

Once we know your budget and who you are (your customer profile) we need to know why you need a satellite phone.

For example are you a mining engineer that needs to transmit fast data?  Are you a journalist that needs to upload video and photographs?  

Why you want a satellite phone will help us determine which is the best satellite phone or equipment and best satellite phone plan.

Needs will vary within the same profession, and that will determine which equipment we will suggest.  For example, an explorer who wants a “satellite phone” to raise an alarm in case of emergency, may not need a satellite phone at all.  In such a case we can suggest a different product which will save the explorer huge costs as well as perform perfectly during an emergency.


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Where will you be using your satellite phone?

This issue is one of the primary causes of satellite communication failures, complaints and even legal disputes.  Invariably aggrieved customers are pointed to the “fine print” in the contract and they usually have no legal recourse.  

Pay very close attention to this paragraph because it does affect your experience with your satellite phone and it may also be a hugely important safety issue.

Not all satellite phone plans and services do the same thing

Each satellite phone communication network provider offers services that are limited by the blue print of their satellite network galaxy.  Satellite communication providers use different types of satellite networks, some use low orbiting satellites (these often provide exceptional voice quality but have challenges in connectivity reliability), other use stationary satellites (which are reliable in certain locations and for certain users but will not work in other areas and for other types of users).

If you purchase the wrong sat phone handset or sign up for the wrong satellite data plan, Murphy’s Law states that you will not be able to use your satellite phone when you need it the most.

Create your “Buy Satellite Phone” project folder

Do you want the best satellite phone and satellite plan?  Then do some research and ask questions to various dealers based on the contents of this article.  Then make sure to CHECK the information you receive with experienced colleagues and friends.

Of course, you can always call us and rely on our vast product knowledge, ethics and integrity, and you save time and money 🙂

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This page updated on the 18 August 2015