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Local Australian Mobile Number For Satellite Phones

Traditionally, dialing satellite phone numbers is a long, painful and challenging experience.  You start dialing the numbers and a few minutes later 🙂 you realise you got one digit wrong so you start all over again.  Satellite phone numbers are impossible to remember, difficult to store in devices (some devices won’t allow you to store that many digits) and an outright pain to dial.

International satellite communication regulations impose these long satellite phone numbers on all satellite carriers and there is no real way of getting out of it, so the chances of these mega digit monsters shrinking in size is none.

Why you simply must have a local mobile number for your satellite phone

What is a satellite phone? Why would  you want to buy a satellite phone?

People who buy satellite phones do so because they have specific needs.  The primary and most common reason for buying a satellite phone is safety, followed by the ability to make and receive phone calls where there is no standard mobile coverage.  In all cases, a local Australian mobile number for your satellite phone will prove to be an invaluable asset.   

In situations of high stress (such as sitting at the bottom of a ravine with a broken leg) it can be a challenge to spell out a 14 digit number.  

Pinpoint Phone Number by Satellite

Granted–most modern emergency services are able to pickup your number automatically, however, do your really want to rely on the hope that they will do so?  

Finding a Satellite Phone Number Search service that can match your name to a sat phone number is not a proposition. If you are not able to communicate that number quickly and reliably to the person you are contacting–you are going to be at the very least inconvenienced–especially if you are asking customers and business associates to call you. 

Would you rather be able to memorise your satellite number with ease and remember it spontaneously just like you remember your mobile phone number?  

No extra cost, convert satellite phone numbers into Australian mobile numbers

I have three sat phone numbers (as demonstrators) and a very loved iPhone.  After a little while, I was able to memorise all three of these numbers without any problem.  If I can do that, so can you.

If you did not buy a satellite phone from us and you have an absurd number, do you think your could easily remember it in an emergency when your adrenaline is high and your brain is scrambling for survival?

Emergencies aside, asking friends and loved ones to correctly record, remember and call a satellite phone number does come with guaranteed failures.

People are prone to mix up local Australian mobile numbers that are easily memorised, imagine the increased failure rate when you present them with a 14 digit monster satellite phone number. 


Satellite phone numbers are not just bad for your health 🙂

Australian Mobile Numbers For Satellite Phones

Dialing and calling a satellite phone number is not just bad for your (and your callers) nervous system, there are also some very serious financial consequences for carrying long tail satellite phone numbers.  I am listing the most important ones.  

  • Australian satellite phone users with standard satellite phone numbers are not able to call 13 or 1300 service numbers such as 
    • The NRMA Road Assistance Number
    • The Queensland Road Assistance Number
    • Other free emergency numbers
    • Free 1800 and 1300 numbers

If that is not enough to scare you into buying your satellite phone from us 🙂  consider this other factor

  • When your loved ones, colleagues and clients call your monster international number they WILL pay premium international satellite phone rates.  These can be as high as $25 per minute.  Imagine how popular you will be with your customers (and friends) when the get their phone bill.  Consider these points …
    • Tradesmen (yes the terms includes women) use their satellite phones to allow their customers to call them.
    • Customers often use their satellite phones to be able to communicate with loved ones when they are travelling overseas or trekking in remote regions.
    • Corporations often use satellite phones to call ground staff on a regular basis.

What are the savings that such people will attract for themselves and their callers?

Convert your satellite phone numbers into an Australian mobile number

All our satellite phones for sale come with this popular option.  The option will not cost you extra, in fact chances are that if you choose to take advantage of our offer to convert your satellite phone numbers into an Australian mobile number, you are likely to be better off financially.

At Safecity Satellite Phones we have a strong relationship with some of the most reliable, trustworthy and ethical satellite phone providers in the world.  We are proud of that relationship because it allow us to drive your satellite communication dollar so much further.

Depending on the contract you have at present, you can switch over to us and gain the peace of mind and the savings that come with your new Australian local mobile number.

Contact us about changing satellite phone numbers — we are not pushy 🙂

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.  There is no charge to convert your number and we are now able to offer the conversion to Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar customers.  The process is not at all painful.  All we do is fill in a form, attach your ID, and we send you a new sim card and you are done!

This offer is only available to Australian customers.  We are not yet able to offer this service outside Australia–but that does not mean that we are not working on it 🙂

Australian mobile number for satellite phone numbers 

Satellite Phone Numbers Page updated 18 August 2015

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